Gordion Business Consulting Ltd.

  • ”Primavista is practical and easy to adopt, also to make changes like adding a new business unit or report is effortless; over all, the work at Finance department has become considerably easier. We have managed to streemline our reporting procedures and steering the business is now efficient, when we can prepare quickly the information from various business units as per needed by their local management”.
    Controller Sanna Harmonen, Niemi Services Ltd.
  • ”By help of Primavista we have well gained control over our businesses in all Nordic countries. During our long user experience the system maintenance has genuinely been in our own hands. Our needs for changes and new features have well been taken care of by fast and cost-efficient updates”.
    Finance Director Kati Niemelä, Edita Plc
  • “The information content and its accuracy in our Primavista has been extended down to the significant floor-level data; this way it is our ERP, not a customary tool for reporting and budgeting”.
    Finance Director Riitta-Leena Rossi, Helsinki Diaconess Institute


  • Top Management

    Primavista improves management and overall control by bringing organizational transparency.

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  • Finance Department

    Primavista significantly expedites, simplifies and reduces the finance department´s tasks and thus frees up time for professional analysis.

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  • Sales

    Primavista´s versatile functions enable the accurate management of sales by enabling salesman, customer and product specific planning and monitoring..

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  • Projects

    Primavista enables you to build up project budgets regardless the fiscal year and to continuosly control their accuracy by closely monitoring actual project inputs and their costs.

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